Hidden Archive, RVM #11

In 1969 I was married with two children but I decided to apply for a course in a cinematography school. I was studying cinematography, I had always had an interest in images and when I met Manuel Álvarez Bravo at the university and worked with him, his vision of life, which is obviously reflected through his photographs, sensibly helped me to see life through the lens of the camera. (more…)



Hidden Archive, RVM #10

My first role model was Paul Strand. I was captivated by his work at an early age. He operated as a photojournalist, but considered himself an artist. He was a street photographer; yet he worked with his subjects in a very intimate way. Even today his work seems timeless (And yet, in its idealism, it now strikes me as belonging to a previous era). (more…)



Hidden Archive, RVM #09

I learned photography from my mother, an attorney, who enjoyed developing and printing her own pictures. She took me into her darkroom when I was four years old and gave me my first camera when I was eight. Soon I became the family photographer, which I always thought was good practice for what I eventually ended up doing because rock bands are very much like families. (more…)